Heat Recovery Ventilation


The MVHR are perfectly equipped to supply fresh, tempered air to the living spaces throughout your property – offering year-round, home ventilation that removes any condensation and pollutants, whilst improving indoor air quality and recovering any heat that would otherwise be lost outside.


Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery systems provide circulation to your whole house by both supplying and extracting air throughout the property. Not only is it a low energy, efficient ventilation solution, but it reuses up to 95% of heat that would otherwise have been lost.

Air is pulled from wet rooms such as utility, kitchen and bathrooms, and the heat extracted through a heat recovery unit. The system then uses the recovered heat to raise the temperature of fresh, filtered air, and disperse it into bedrooms and living rooms. This is a fantastic way to recycle heat into other areas of your home, all while providing fresh air and circulation. Although the system operates on a trickle system, continuously filtering and circulating the air; it can be overridden during summer months to bypass the heat recovery unit.


Qel Air uses 75mm semi flexible crushproof radial ducting along with slim lined manifolds. This system provides No joints, zero air loss, antibacterial,anti static lining and Reduces resonance noise. This system is a more advanced system than your traditional 125 mm or 150 mm poly pipe jointing system. Using 75 mm radial ducting and slim lined manifolds allows the heat recovery system to be installed with to no extra site work for the contractor or home owner I.e dropping ceiling, extra coring boxing in unsightly pipes.

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