Building Regulations, since 2006, require that new dwellings comply with Part F of the Building Regulations Northern Ireland & Part L Republic of Ireland. This means that most new houses must undergo an Air Tightness Test to prove compliance.


Air Tightness Testing or air permeability testing is a method of calculating air leakage in or out of a building. Air leakage can be defined as uncontrolled flow of air through gaps and cracks in the fabric of a building. Air testing was introduced into Northern Ireland in 2006 as part F building regulations Northern Ireland, all newly constructing buildings must achieve the pass rate before acquiring building control approval. This past is usually 10 m³ per hour per metre squared at 50 pa. .

We can provide expert advice on all fundamental design factors to ensure the envelope of the building will be made as airtight as possible.

We can meet with the Main Contractor/ Builder on site to advise on potential problem areas and provide appropriate solutions.

We can undertake a visual inspection of the building at various stages during the construction process and if necessary carryout preliminary air tightness testing.

We will inspect all sealing works to ensure the 'airtight' design is built correctly on site.

IMPORTANT: With so many different trades and sub-contractors working on a dwelling, it is essential that one person (typically the Site Foreman) has the responsibility for ensuring that the provisions of air tightness are delivered the highest possible standards.

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