Heat Recovery Systems in Northern Ireland

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21st March 2019
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Heat Recovery Systems in Northern Ireland

Heat recovery system in any home entails a lot of amazing benefits. Heat recovery systems are responsible for supplying the home with fresh air while recovering heat that is lost at the same time. This helps in creating a healthier environment and also entails great deals on your heating bills.

Ventilation and Heat Recovery Systems- Are they Really Worth It?

If you’re planning to build a new house, the heat recovery system is truly a must-have. This system is also known as HRV or MVHR and can deliver substantial heating bills savings over utilising normal window ventilation or bathroom fans. But another big reason includes dramatic improvement of the quality of indoor air as well as improving the overall well-being and health of those living in the property.

Lowering the Cost of Home Heating

A reliable heat recovery system is capable of recovering about 90% of the usual heat wasted and minimising the heating requirements by 25%. The initial investment that you make can be paid back in five years time. Factors like the property’s air-tightness should be considered. However, offices with the heat ex changer’s efficiency of over 80% will approximately save about 30% heating loads, and the cost of running eat recovery system is about 10P a day.

The Benefits You Can Get From Home Ventilation Systems

  • Best ventilation system for new homes
  • IAQ or Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Normal heat wasted recovery to up to 90%
  • Recovered 90% of extracted heat
  • Reduced heating costs

Aside from these, individuals can also appreciate many other benefits, including:

  • Radon dispersion
  • Eliminates mildew and mould
  • Fights condensation
  • Creates a draft-free and quiet home
  • Eliminates normal window vents and bathroom fans
  • Supplies healthy, filtered and fresh air into the home constantly
  • Eliminates the need for extractor fans and trickle vents
  • Complies with the latest requirements for building control
  • Balances the heat distribution all throughout the home

Installing Heat Recovery System to New Houses

Installing this system is proven to be one of the beneficial investments you can make since this can improve the indoor air quality as well as lower the heating costs. It isn’t costly to make your home future proof considering that building as mechanical ventilation systems turn out to be building regulation. This way, homes will experience better resale once it is enforced.

If you are considering the installation of the reliable heat recovery system, Qel Air can be of great help. They are always willing and happy to help clients with their needs and any inquiry that they have regarding system installation and other related concerns.

Qel Air strives hard and commits to excellence in all the jobs they do. With a team of highly experienced and trained experts, clients can expect excellent results. Qel Air is here to help their valued clients in improving the quality of their indoor air as well as the heat of their home. Feel free to contact them for professional heat recovery system installation.

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